Silk is a delicate & precious textile.
Here are some recommendations
how to CLEAN and STORE
your pieces mindfully.


Silk consists of natural fibers, which have the ability to clean themselves to a certain degree. That’s why often it’s enough to just hang your Kimono in a shady place with flowing air around. Be careful not to hang it under direct sun – the radiation can attack the fibers! In case you still want to wash your Kimono, the best option is to do it by hand.

1.    Fill your sink or a clean bucket with lukewarm water
(max. 30°C).

2.    Add a bit of silk detergent and stir (no fabric softener!).

3.    Put your Kimono inside and carefully move it back and forth,
so the water can reach all sides.

4.    Remove the Kimono after 5 minutes and let it air dry.


Most silk textiles don’t need to be ironed. Just hanging your Kimono for a couple of days, it should fall back into its natural shape. If it does not, you can iron it carefully.

1.    Iron when your Kimono
is still slightly wet after

2.    Ideally, cover it with a
thin cotton fabric.

3.    Iron at max. 30°C
without steam.


Store your Kimono on a hanger in a shady and clean place. You can scare moths and other insects away by filling small cotton bags with lavender and / or cedar wood and putting them in your closet.