welcome to our market stand!

Apart from selling online, we love to travel around, get in contact and share our project with people face to face! To create a whole Samzari experience, WE DESIGNED AND BUILT almost everything you can see in our market stand – including the stand itself.

The big structure is made from super resistant BAMBOO POLES, held together with 3D-PRINTED JOINTS, and covered by our CUSTOMIZED WALLS AND ROOF we tailored from a yute fabric. It’s slightly transparent, so the sun can shine trough and make the colors and embroideries of our items gleam even more!

For the interior, we are using a brown carpet as a base. We also built our own BAMBOO HANGERS and crafted a CHANGING ROOM with a simple wooden frame and beige curtains.

We are always happy to INTERACT with our visitors and explain them everything they want to know about our project. For moments, in which we have less time to talk to everyone, and for those who prefer just looking around, we designed several INFO SHEETS:

For each KIND OF PRODUCT, we wrote a small text that describes the design, what part of the vintage silk sarees we use to craft it, and how it can be combined with other clothes. We also have an info sheet about the main aspects of our BRAND, one that explains how to CLEAN AND STORE SILK textiles, and one about all the single steps of our PRODUCTION.

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