welcome to our market stand!

welcome to our market stand!

We love to travel around and share our project face to face! For us, it’s the best way to feel immersed in Samzari, connect with people and learn from every little interaction. To create the atmosphere we want to transmit through Samzari, we designed and built almost everything you can find in our market stand ourselves – including the stand itself.

The big structure is made from super resistant BAMBOO POLES, held together with 3D-PRINTED JOINTS, and covered by our CUSTOMIZED WALLS AND ROOF we tailored from a yute fabric. It’s slightly transparent, so the sun can shine trough and make the colors and embroideries of our items gleam even more!

For the interior, we built different BAMBOO HANGERS and try to create a cozy atmosphere with warm & earthy colors, natural materials and colorful lights at night.

Some of our market aesthetics from last year…

For us, there is no better FEELING than experiencing the reactions
of people passing by, taking their time to look around,
commenting with their friends about the DETAILS of our pieces,
or being interested in our STORY

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