is an UPCYCLING brand
unique & artful clothing
from indian

 our studio
is based in Barcelona.


Here everything happens:

sketching designs,
developing sewing patterns,
making prototypes until we are fully convinced,
matching colors, shapes and textures

… and finally handcrafting our items.


Vintage Silk Sarees

All our items are unique pieces, handcrafted from 20 – 70 years old sarees from India: 100% pure silk, often with elaborate handmade embroideries.

A ‘saree’ is the traditional garment for women in India. the 4–6m long fabric is wrapped around the body and is a symbol for a woman’s origin, religion and social status.

We carefully inspect all sarees before upcycling them. Still, due to their age, it sometimes happens that small embroidery elements are missing. Those imperfections remind us that the textiles were created by the hands of Indian artisans from the past. We see our garment as a canvas for showcasing those miraculous textile designs!

using Silk with Awareness

Silk is a beautiful and precious artifact, with a history of more than 3000 years. But unfortunately it comes at the cost of the suffering of many small animals, the silk worms.

That is why, with Samzari, we don’t participate in the demand for new silk – not only for environmental reasons, but also for ethical ones. Instead, we use vintage silk that is 20 – 70 years old and would otherwise be wasted.

This is our way of advocating for a textile industry free from animal suffering, and for the further development of plant–based silk!

Hi, I’m Andji

Since I was little, I’ve always loved to create – paintings, games, clothes, jewelry, bags, furniture… it didn’t matter what I made, as long as I could immerse into the fantastic world of colors, shapes and textures. Making ideas reality is one of the most satisfying things for me. It makes me forget everything else around and bundle all my energies and dedication to the very moment.

My grandma taught me how to sew by hand when I was 8 and I got my first sewing machine with 20. Since then I can’t stop using it. In 2021, I decided to start a project that allows me to combine my fascination for Eastern cultures and crafts, my thirst for creating aesthetic and functional objects, and my wish to contribute to a more environment-friendly future. The result is SAMZARI – an upcycling brand that takes fashion as an opportunity to bring the art behind it (back) to life.

SAMZARI contributes to a slow, circular and sustainable fashion industry – and advocates for the ethical use of silk textiles, free from animal suffering.