handcrafted from Vintage Silk

Welcome to our world of Samzari! We are a small UPCYCLING brand dedicated to HANDCRAFTING unique, evocative & elegant clothing from 20-70 years old PURE SILK SAREES that have been worn by Indian women back in the days. Our dream is to bring back to life these miraculous, precious textiles, that were all created by Indian artisans. Each of our pieces is UNIQUE, with elaborate handmade EMBROIDERIES. Dive deep with us into the arts and crafts! 


To craft our kimonos, we use the most unique sarees, with artful embroideries, stitchings and beadings. As a canvas they showcase the miraculous, colorful Indian textile designs from the past!

short Vest

Merging classic vest elements with an alternative style. Every vest comes with unique buttons, which we’ve been collecting for years from previous jackets and bags.

long Vest

Designed to flow with your movement, with your steps and with the wind. The backs are full of vibrant colors and artful patterns, while the front is open, to show your outfit below. 


Simple and elegant cut, slightly waisted to smoothly accentuate natural body curves. The high neckline makes our dresses wearable for everyone and for every occasion!


Balancing flashy colors, patterns and embroideries with a minimalist design. Our tops have a high neckline and make every outfit shine.

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